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The Asian Institute of Family Managed Business (AIFMB) is a ‘not for profit’ company with the objective to catalyze the growth of Family Business Entrepreneurship in India.AIFMB values represent a strong belief that the progress of Asian economies is going to be driven by excellence of Family Business and not by MNCs.

AIFMB aims to create a significant and sustainable impact with a collaborative model. It has a network of more than 2000 Family Business Leaders, 20 Educators and more than 18 years of experience.

Mr Harsh Mariwala of Mariwala Group and Mr Dilip Sanghvi of Sun Pharma are our Patron Members. Prof Parimal Merchant, a stalwart in the field of Family Managed Business is our Chief Advisor.

Our Values

Value Creation Obsession
Holistic Viewpoint
Excellence Orientation
Creating new paradigms
Dreaming big and making it big

Key People

Mr Harsh Mariwala

Mr Harsh Mariwala

Chairman, Mariwala Group
Jane Someone

Mr. Dilip Shanghvi

Founder & MD, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
Mark Brown

Prof. Parimal Merchant

Chief Advisor, AIFMB